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The Difference Between Mobile And Fixed Or Stationary Asphalt Plants

Whenever you drive your car down a paved road, you most likely are driving over asphalt. This popular paving material is used for roads, parking lots, and other flat areas where a smooth surface is desired.

Asphalt is made in special plants. Some of these plants are mobile while others are always located in the same place. If you are considering investing in one of these plants, it is important to learn the difference between mobile and fixed or stationary asphalt plants. The better understanding you have of the different options, the easier it will be for you to decide which style is the correct choice for your needs (Qué estilo es la opción correcta para sus necesidades).

Fixed asphalt plants are relatively large structures that are built in a specific location. Once they are erected, they are never moved from that location. Instead, these stationary structures create large volumes of asphalt on-site. The asphalt is then loaded into vehicles and transported to other areas so that it can be used.

Mobile asphalt plants, on the other hand, are designed to be moved from one location to another. Typically, the plant is mounted on a chassis so that it can be easily transported between different areas. These plants are usually a lot smaller than stationary plants (Planta asfalto). However, their mobility provides a distinct advantage. Instead of having to transport asphalt from far away, the asphalt can be mixed at the job site, helping to save time while also reducing overhead expenses.

Stationary plants generally are capable of producing large amounts of asphalt. In most cases, their production capacity is much higher than that provided by mobile plants. Since they are never moved, they can be built much bigger, which is one of the main reasons why they usually are capable of producing more asphalt. Click Https:// for more information.

The main benefit of mobile asphalt plants is that they can be used much closer to the job site. Mixing the asphalt in the same general area where the work is being done is a lot more efficient than having to haul it from another area that is located far away.

Not having to transport the asphalt as far can save a lot of fuel, lowering the total costs associated with the project. Delays due to traffic or other problems are also far less likely to occur. This can make it easier for construction companies to meet whatever deadlines they are working toward.

The Difference Between Mobile And Fixed Or Stationary Asphalt Plants
The Difference Between Mobile And Fixed Or Stationary Asphalt Plants

The main difference between mobile and fixed asphalt plants has to do with whether or not they can be moved. Fixed plants are completely stationary, meaning that they are always located in the same place and are never moved. Mobile plants (planta de asfaltos movil), on the other hand, are mounted on a chassis and can be moved around, allowing them to be used in a variety of different locations.

These plants also usually differ in size. Generally, stationary asphalt plants are larger than mobile plants. Their larger size usually means that they are capable of producing a lot more asphalt than smaller mobile plants over the same period of time.

Mini Asphalt Plant Cost Comparison Strategies You Should Use

Although there are some companies that could benefit from getting the largest possible asphalt production plant, there are others that would prefer something smaller. If you have a business that is relatively small, and you are only doing jobs occasionally, and miniature asphalt plant might be all that you need. Whether you are getting one that is large, or small, knowing how much you will pay in total is very important. To get a mini asphalt plant cost quote over the web, here is what you need to do.

Why Do You Need To Get Multiple Quotes?

The primary reason for getting multiple quotes is so that you can see how much everyone is charging. In some cases, the cost difference can be considerable. Larger businesses that make most of their money based upon the number of sales that they make are often going to offer the lowest possible price on the asphalt batching plants that they produce. If you are specifically looking for mini asphalt plant prices, you may want to contact the company directly. By speaking over the phone, or by having a conversation via chat or email, you can figure out how much one will cost you.

bitumen mixing plant

The Main Reason For Owning One Of These Units

The top reason for owning one of the smaller units is that you need to have one that is portable. These can be placed on the back of the vehicle that is designed to tow them. You can then take this to wherever you happen to be working. These are often a backup plan but in most cases, they are simply designed to help companies take on remote jobs that might otherwise be unaffordable or inaccessible. It is so important to get these estimates from the companies to find out how much they are going to charge you for these much needed asphalt mixing plants.

How Do Most People Make Their Final Choice?

Most of the people that make their final decision do so based upon research and emotions. They do so with research by looking at the reputation of the company, the cost of shipping, and the total cost of the product. In some cases, it will be an emotional decision. You may see an image of one of these units, or perhaps a video, and this will sell you on that particular one. This is how you will be able to obtain one of these for a lower price and also get one that is very versatile.

What Are These Machines Able To Do?

These machines are capable of doing several things. First of all, they give you full control over the consistent see of the asphalt that you are making. Second, they are portable, which means you can take on jobs at different locations and complete all of them using the bitumen mix plants for sale. Finally, the reason that you are getting one might be that you need a backup. There are times when these can break down. For all of these reasons, it is imperative that you obtain several quotes for a miniature asphalt plant.

The total mini asphalt plant cost that you will pay is always based on more than one factor. It’s not just the manufacturing cost of these units. You also need to consider the cost of shipping, taxes, and all of the other associated fees. You buy one locally, this is probably going to be much higher than obtaining one from a country that could be quite a distance from you. After considering all of this, be clear that you can find a smaller asphalt plant that will help your business do more jobs and generate more revenue. Want to buy one now? you can visit this website:

Important Features Of Small Portable Asphalt Plants For Sale

Whenever I’m looking at small portable asphalt plants for investment, I always look at a select few features to make sure that I will get the best value for my investment. There are lots of different types of these small portable asphalt plants available, and I know that not all of them will be able to deliver the returns that me and my shareholders require. Thus, I have spent many years trying to find the most important features that should be looked into when assessing a given small portable asphalt plant for investment purposes. This article will showcase a few of the most important features that I have found.


Price is king when it comes to all of these small portable asphalt plants that are on the market at the moment. Hence, going through an extensive procedure of price comparison is something that I’ve always advocated towards my colleagues in the industry. However, it’s important to note that simply comparing base prices for each portable asphalt batch plant is often not a reliable way to get a good comparison. This is because there are usually lots of other costs that are involved with getting such a plant up and running.

small portable asphalt plant
small portable asphalt plant

Hence, when it comes to making an effective price comparison for portable asphalt plants, I like to incorporate the base price of the plant, as well as shipping and installation costs. Essentially, you want to calculate the price of getting each asphalt batch mix plant up and running, rather than looking at the base cost you will have to pay. This price that has been calculated will be a lot more reflective of the total cost burden that will arise from investing in these plants.


Total manpower required to keep these small portable asphalt plants up and running is yet another feature that I believe shouldn’t be overlooked. The cost per worker needed to get a plant operating is something that can place a large financial burden on a company. Just because a plant is cheap to install doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t eat up a lot of other costs, such as costs paid to workers in order to sustain the operation of the plant. It may be hard to get an accurate estimate for total manpower engagement needed for a particular drum mix asphalt plant, but even a rough estimate is better than nothing.

portable asphalt plant
portable asphalt plant

If you want to get more accurate estimates for how many workers are required for a given portable asphalt plant, it may be worth asking around the industry. If you have built up extensive connections with the asphalt production industry, you should be able to get some accurate figures regarding what competitors may be spending in terms of workers to keep certain types of plants operating. This information will be highly useful to you when judging which plants provide the best return.

By looking at each of the important features that I have discussed, I am certain that you will easily make the right decision regarding buying a new portable asphalt plant. Each of these features is incredibly important in assessing the quality of investment regarding a specific plant.

Why Buying A Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant is a Smart Investment

Should you invest in a mini asphalt mixing plant? There are plenty of reasons why you should. It is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in engineering and road construction today. It works well in both urban and rural areas and can be transported rather easily. Do one job, move it to the next site and complete another. You cannot do that with a stationary machine. Are you ready to learn more about why the mini asphalt mixing plant is a smart investment?

Its Small Size Means More Flexibility

You can bring it to any construction site. Yet, despite its small size, it can make colored and modified asphalt mixes at about 20 tons per hour or more. You will not compromise on production with its small size. You can also take it wherever you need it to go. It fits in any space, even tight spots.

QLBY-20 mini mobile hot mix plant

You can purchase it for a lot less money than any other type of asphalt mixing plant. The moment you finish your first construction job, you will have earned a high return on your investment. You can also choose from several types like the mini hot mix plant, the portable plant, the drum plant, and the mobile asphalt mini plant. Each will blend aggregates, fillers, and asphalt at the required temperature.


These plants work a lot like the larger ones do. They are simple to use and work in any environment so you can get a good deal of convenience. They work by mixing the aggregate in the drum and then drying it in the dryer within the mixing drum. The simplified process is so convenient that you can get more done in less time. You also do not need to worry about the hot mix needing to be lifted and sieved. It works on a continuous basis, too.

It has a multistage dust collection system which can reduce particles and keep the quality of the mix high. Besides this, you will notice that setting it up and dismantling it is incredibly easy. You do not need to install a foundation to it so this is another aspect which will save you money

QLBY-20 mini hot mix plant

Each part of the machine is made to the highest quality. You get an asphalt mixing plant that will last for many years and will continue to operate safely for your company no matter where the machine is transported.

Where to Buy Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Now that you are convinced of what a smart investment this machine is, you will need to know where to buy one. That part is easy.

Shop for a mini asphalt machine from a manufacturer known for producing quality machines. They design each machine with a special design that ensures that you will get the best mix from your asphalt mixer every time. These companies also provide you with a special service contract or warranty on the item that you buy.

You can request a quote for the machine you like by sending an online inquiry. Send yours today so you can buy your machine and benefit from it soon. In addition, we also have hot mix type plant equipment for mixing asphalt, you can find more details.

The Working Principle Behind A Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plants are a very necessary component of any business involved with the production of roads. They can create as much asphalt as will be needed to create roadways, freeways, and even driveways that are at the front of your home. It is possible to purchase ones that are smaller, specifically mobile asphalt mixing plants (Купить мобильный абз). These are all uniquely designed. Let’s look at the working principle behind a mobile asphalt mixing plant and why this may be advantageous if you decide to purchase one and use it with your company.

Small asphalt plant
China asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer

How Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plants Work

These units are designed to be self-contained. They will have a drum in the middle the components are placed in heated so they can become liquefied. This mixture will consist of bitumen, aggregate material, and other components that will create the exact consistency of asphalt that you need for your jobs. It can keep the viscous material at a high enough temperature, allowing you to pour it at a time where you are ready to make the road. These can be brought on the back of trucks, or you may have an entire vehicle that will have this portable asphalt plant that can be brought with you to wherever your job happen to be. You can get more detailed device information on this link:

How Do You Operate One?

You can operate one of these by first adding all of the materials to the asphalt mixing plant and then simply turning it on. They can be programmed to disperse the material in predefined amounts. The heater or heating element will be switched on at the same time, and the material will become liquefied. You will then have the ability to pour this liquid down a boom, allowing you to place it where it needs to go to complete the job. What you will need to do, if you would like to own one, is to start searching for businesses that are currently selling them at a good price.

Asphalt drum mix plant exporter
Double drum asphalt plant

Ways To Get Good Deals On These Products

To get the best possible deals on these products, you need to search for overseas businesses that are currently offering special deals, Among them, aimix GrOup is a good asphalt mixing station supplier.. They may sell one of them at a low price, or you may be able to get a couple of them for an even steeper discount. These businesses are going to tell you how much it will cost including shipping, and when they can be delivered. These estimates will help you make your decision on one company over all the others that are currently being sold today.

This overview of the working principle of an asphalt axing plant, specifically the mobile type, should prompt you to get one of these at some point in time. They can be very useful for smaller jobs, and if you are diligent, you may be able to afford others very soon. It’s a simple matter of getting your first one in using it to get more jobs. You will soon have one of these in your possession, a mobile asphalt mixing plant, that will help your company grow.

Best Tips On Finding An Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

If you are in the industry of creating asphalt roads, or perhaps driveways, investing in an asphalt mixing plant for sale could be a very positive move. When you have full control over the production of the asphalt you are using, this will help you generate more money with every job you do. When purchasing asphalt from other companies, you are paying an extra fee, and this could add up to tens of thousands of dollars each and every month. Instead of doing this, you could invest your money into an asphalt batching plant for sale, one that is affordably priced. To find one that will be in your price range, follow these simple suggestions.

asphalt mix plant
asphalt mix plant

Where Should You Start Looking For Aspal Mixing Plant?

The best place to start looking would be in your local classifieds. If you can locate one that is nearby, you could have everything set up very quickly. However, you may quickly notice as you are looking through international classified ads that the prices that they are charging are actually quite high. Overseas businesses are typically able to produce these for a lower amount of money. They can pass that savings on to business owners. Once you have found a couple businesses that look promising, you can then request estimates on how much it will cost to send it to you. Learn more here:

What About The Cost Of Shipping?

What is so beneficial about ordering something from an overseas provider is that, even though there is the cost of shipping, you will still pay less for the mobile asphalt plant for sale in most cases. You will only know after requesting estimates on the total cost, and that cost will include how much it will be to ship it to your location. By comparing the estimates that you are provided with, you can easily determine which company is offering the lowest asphalt mixing plant price. It is then advantageous to look into the background of each manufacturer. If you can verify that they are a company that has been doing this for many years, you should go ahead and place the order.

asphalt plant
asphalt plant

How Large Should The Asphalt Mixing Plant Be?

Asphalt mixing plants come in many different sizes. The larger the asphalt batch plant for sale, the higher the output will be. If you are seriously considering a major expansion of your company, getting the largest one would be recommended. It is necessary to have a substantial amount of space to set up these facilities. You also need room to store the asphalt that you are producing. Additionally, you need to have several trucks which can deliver the asphalt, along with mobile asphalt mixing plants for smaller jobs.

asphalt mixing plant
asphalt mixing plant

Your ability to locate the best asphalt mobile plant for sale is only limited by the time that you spend online. International classifieds will have multiple asphalt plants that are priced affordably. You can get information on the cost of shipping and also learn about each of these companies. All of this information will be provided to you in a reasonable amount of time, allowing you to make the right decision. When you have full control over the production of your asphalt, this can only be beneficial for your company.

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